Monday, March 23, 2009

Not Me Monday

It was not me who took the pile of clothes needing to be put away and made piles on my dresser for the night. I always put my clean clothes away.

It was not me who bought $35 shoes for a child who cannot even walk yet because they squeek in the heel as they are beginning to walk.

It was also not me who bought said shoes a size too big because that was all the vendor had left AND made him wear them to church last night.

It was also not me who justified the buying of those gorgous shoes because I can hand them down to my oldest daughters son when Emmanuel outgrows them.

It was not me who wanted to drop everything and get in the car and drive 1200 miles to be with my brother as he has heart surgery on Thursday. It surely was not me that gave up the idea as quickly as I entertained it.


Jessi Dawn said...

Mom, I miss your posts. You are a great writer. How blessed am I to inherit such a gift from BOTH my parents. oh, how rich I am.

I love you. I am proud of you, beautiful handmaiden of God.

Love ya,

Jessi Dawn said...

Momma, I miss hearing the thoughts of the Handmaiden of God. Write it out for us.

Love you,